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Entrepreneurs / Professionals

As an energetic entrepreneur, you are striving hard to ensure success of your business/ professional firm. But somewhere in this pursuit to excel, your finances may not get the attention it deserves such that the hard earned money works for you. We help you to efficiently manage your working capital in business and personal finances

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Corporate Executives

As a fast track corporate executive, you are leaving no stone unturned to maximize profitability for your company. While this helps to keep rising on the corporate ladder and increase overall remuneration, one is often guilty of not been able to channelize own earnings with same vigour as would be the case with company earnings. It is exactly this gap which we aim to fill and be your trusted partner to maximize your personal profitability.

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Non Resident Indians

As a NRI, you flourish as a corporate executive or in professional capacity. While you attain new heights in your career, you wish to create a fine balance of your investments and finances across various geographies, including India. As one of the most chased communities by wealth managers across the spectrum, NRIs are susceptible to a gross mis-selling. Another concern is about managing investments in India, which is challenging, time consuming and has peculiar tax considerations. We endeavour to alleviate exactly these concerns and ensure that NRIs have a seamless experience about all their investments in India